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Last modified: 11/18/00


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2-15-99 (Cambridge, Massachusetts
For the original article on site click here

     An editor for, a renowned online magazine for college students, recently sought out co-founders, Neilesh Patel and Dan Brown for a feature to be presented on its Internet Site. has generated a great deal of interest from college students, and currently receives traffic of well over 100,000 visitors each month. The feature is directed at Student.Comallowing more college students to utilize their free computing services, which debuted in the summer of 1998. The Internet site has attracted visitors from all over the world, and hopes to make free computing services available to students, who can use assistance right from their dormitory rooms or on college campus.  

     The feature was presented on the main page of February 16, 1999. To view the original article click here. More updates will be posted when they become available.
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