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Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is is an organization devoted to providing fellow Americans with effective computing solutions. has a business model of generating revenue in the B2B market and reinvesting that revenue in its B2C market. However, our free online technical support reaches to the world community. was founded in the summer, 1998. Since then we have been rapidly expanding in all dimensions of the organization. Expansion and consolidation is in the picture. (Our computing and professional background)

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2) What services do we provide? has been recognized as a emerging multifaceted consulting firm. With one of the most diverse backgrounds in the industry, our team provides solutions that exceed the quality of large unscalable consulting firms. Our list of services are expanding but we have provided consulting in the following areas:

  • Networks
  • Web Development
  • Hardware Upgrades
  • Infrastructure Setup
  • 24x7 Free Online Tech. Support
  • Computing Instruction
  • Software Development
  • Technical Writing
  • QA Testing

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3) Are all our services really free?

  1. For non-profit organizations, our labor is free of charge. However, services such as onsite support requires we charge a nominal fee to cover transportation costs.

  2. For companies our solutions are subsidized by a team of results-oriented consultants. Revenue generated from corporate solutions are reinvested to enhance site technologies and to expand our services.

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4) Why are we the best?

Well, most importantly we have the largest contact with individuals worldwide. Nobody competes with us for this reason. But even more than that, computers are our life! We do nothing but work on our computers. We eat, sleep and dream computers. That is why we can provide the fastest and most reliable computing services in the world.

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5) If we don't earn any money, then why do people join

People join for a variety of reasons. Many students are interested in studying computer science, and want to join our organization to gain more experience. Also, people like to work in our organization because it emulates a corporate infrastructure. (Its not as big as a corporation though) Some people join because, they want the chance to be a part of's recent media attention and exciting team. Also, by joining the organization, people have the chance to earn letters of recommendations, support, referrals, and increased experience.

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6) So how much money do we make?

The only money that we make is for the creation of corporate Internet sites; money generated from this service goes straight back into our organization, to help pay for our operation fees. Soon we will start earning money by advertising other organizations, so that we can implement some new ideas like a (800) number that people can call when they run into emergency computer problems.

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7) How many members are in

We currently have a small team at We are in the process of recruiting more volunteers. However, we have a network of contacts in commercial companies like Netscape, WebVan, Modus Media International,, Conxion Corp, and Microsoft Corp. Many students are interested in joining because it looks favorably for aspiring computing professionals to be involved with community computing service.

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8) Do we provide on-site assistance?

Yes, we provide the San Francisco Bay Area with onsite assistance. Unfortunately, we charge a flat $10 fee if you are less than 20 minutes drive from Mountain View, CA. This covers only our expenses of traveling to the site. For more info click here.

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9) Are we a non-profit?

No, we are not a non-profit organization. We are a private organization, that just goes out and helps people with their computing issues. If you need help, we'll help you. We aren't like other organizations, that make you fill out ten pages of forms just so you can get a little assistance.

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10) Are we famous?

Well, we'd like to think so. However, we've only just started. has been fortunate to gain publicity in the world community. We have recently received publicity from KRON -TV, New Media News, Bay-TV, San Jose Mercury News,, The Los Altos Town Crier and You can look for our special story on KRON channel 4 in upcoming weeks. Also, has been kind enough to donate server space for our organization. In addition, we have been working with a internationally known artist, the U.S. Junior Chamber of Commerce(SJ), Netscape Communications and the Nippon Telephone company on Art and Technology Society community projects. However, our publicity doesn't stop there. We are in the process of gaining new publicity opportunities, but that information is still classified.

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