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KRON-TV Promotes on Bay-TV, New Media News, and various other T.V. Stations Worldwide.

For Immediate Release -- Makes International Debut 7-11-99 (East Palo Alto, CA)

during the months of November & December, 1998 KRON-TV sought out Consulting for a possible news story. Fortunately, KRON was able to recognize as a needed volunteer organization in the Bay Area, and thus offered it a news story on both KRON'sBay TV evening Bay-TV and Channel 4 weekend morning news. The story did not air until July, 1999. Surprisingly, the story made its way across many other T.V. Stations through New Media News' network of T.V. stations. has reached such places as Jamaica, Singapore, India, Tobago, Trinidad, and across all fifty U.S. States. Instead of the normal one and one half minute reservation for typical news stories, was allotted three minutes for their story. In November 1998 announced that it would help a local non-profit rehabilitation center to build a computer for administrative purposes. The rehabilitation center had no computers, and it was interested in implementing new technologys into its organization. was filmed December 12, 1998 at Free At Last Rehabilitation Center in conjunction with its U-turn program. An idea for a story came after KRON's news segment producer saw a chance to quote.gif (1513 bytes)publicize, in an attempt for the organization to provide further reaching community service. Opportunely, the offer came at a time when people at a time when the organization sought publicity in the San Francisco Bay Area.'s story by KRON-TV has resulted in more than two times previous network traffic. The airing of the story triggered an even heavier load network traffic. One of KRON's shows called New Media NewsNew Media News syndicates to over 29 million people worldwide. To become a sponsor of send the organization e-mail. All sponsors receive advertising on's Internet site.   
Updated: 07/12/99
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