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Last modified: 11/18/00


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Artist Mattison Fitzgerald Invites Bay Area to Cannes Film Festival Exhibit

   Bay Area Community:

    This letter is an invitation to you and the Bay Area Community to attend an Internet event we are planning this weekend Sat. Nov. 21st at 7:00 pm PST. The event is the west coast screening of a short animation Pulsarteč that screened last spring at the Cannes Film Festival in France, and it also includes live video conferencing and sound and image bytes and a new Internet store for fund raising.

The URL is:

The event was made possible on the Internet by a consulting company designed by two students: Neilesh Patel and Dan Brown.

This Internet event will also be sponsored by several businesses including, NTT which is Japan Telephone, The Good Guys!, Communication Graphics,, ACTT Video, M Art, Midiline,The Art & Technology Society International and the United States, Junior Chamber of Commerce among others. This event will also be an Internet fund raising event for the Junior Chamber of Commerce in San Jose and is a first of its kind in U.S. JayCees history and we are all very excited to be forging new boundaries!

At the same time you are viewing the Internet art exhibition, film and performances we will also be broadcasting over the computers to Las Vegas and the Comdex Convention which is the largest Convention of its kind for the computing industry.  

I would greatly appreciate it if the bay area community could attend this event, in Downtown San Jose, Sat. Nov 21st, 7:00 pm PST, or on the internet We appreciate your time spirit of innovation and help in promoting this event on the east coast!

        Thank You Very Much!

        Mattison Fitzgerald



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