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Are you a high school student, college student, or computing professional who motivated to work in a fast-paced environment? If so submit us your resume, or just drop us an email and let us know your interested! Be sure to include qualifications you have, which would augment your presence at Consulting.

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  All members receive a specific position, but all members work as a team on all projects regardless of their position.

Listing of Available Positions:

1) Director Of Internet Presence

If you are interested in creating new ideas for the webpage, and want to learn and implement knowledge into our site.

2) Director Of Publicity

If you can negotiate with media stations, including T.V. Stations, Radio Stations and Newspaper agencies for sponsorship. Also, you need to be able to write sponsorship proposals, find technology companies interested in sponsoring us, and most of all earn us more publicity.

3) Director Of Advertising & Promotion

If you would like to handle obtaining advertising on our site. You are in charge of pricing for advertising on our site, negotiating with other organizations for advertising, and designing new ways to gain higher traffic to our site.

4) Director Of Community Projects

If you would like to be in charge of organizing and conducting community projects relating to computing issues and those events that do not pertain to computing issues. Some of the events help to gain more publicity and allow us to become known with different community organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area.

5) Other Positions

Lastly, if you would like to apply for a position not listed above, then email us with the position you would like to apply for, and send us your resume.

We're looking for new volunteers!

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