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Check back frequently, as expands, gains more publicity and initiates new services. steps into the history books - 4/27/02 aggregates new team members - 8/19/00 Marks 2 year Anniversary - 7/12/00 opens Baltimore, Maryland office - 10/24/99 marks 1 year Anniversary - 7/12/99
Viewed on TV as far away as Singapore - 7/06/99 launches new web site ventures - 2/27/99 featured in Los Altos Town Crier - 2/24/99 selected as technology coordinators for Give 1999 -2/18/99 to be featured on -2/15/99 gains publicity in Saint Francis Campus Review -1/26/99 announces free web design for non-profits -1/17/99 announces free Y2K Solutions -1/16/99 launches publicity campaign at colleges -1/15/99 to gain publicity in San Jose Mercury News -1/13/99 acquires domain name -1/11/99 fixes computers for Mountain View High School -1/9/99 makes computer for local non-profit organization -12/7/98
KRON Channel 4films at local rehab center -12/7/98
KRON Channel 4 offers news story - 12/1/98 negotiates with Netscape Communications, to donate computer hardware to a local non-profit rehab center - 12/1/98 starts negotiations with KRON Channel 4 - 11/30/98 announces free online tech. support-11/22/98 publicized on for Cannes Event-11/21/98 creates Institute of Electrical Engineer site- 11/18/98
Cannes Film Festival press release & invite -11/16/98 creates Cannes Film Festival site -11/15/98 given free hosting From - 11/11/98 announces computers built at cost price! -11/07/98 Consulting establishes Internet presence: -8/12/98 initiates free computing services-7/12/98


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    "Thanks so much for the info on the web site. I had been looking forever and couldn't find anything. You guys are awesome."

                        - Linda from Stanford University


     "Thanks to all of you at Thanks to you I narrowed my problem down to a bad battery on the motherboard. Keep up the great work; I'm keeping your email address forever!"

                               - Dave from Yachats, Oregon

    "Thank you ever so much for your help, it was easy to follow, and the quickest I have ever received online. I have you in my favorite places folder, and will always ask you first for help. No need to look elsewhere you are the best, the fastest, and friendliest place to go for help. Keep up the good work!"

                                - Micki from New Jersey


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