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Last modified: 11/18/00


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SJ Mercury
1-15-99(San Jose, CA) 

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Daniel Brown(Left) and Neilesh Patel(88746 bytes)

In late December, 1998 was offered the chance for its story to be published in the San Jose Mercury News. After several referrals in with in the Mercury's company, was given the opportunity to have its story published. Official interviews took place January 22, 1999 with San Jose Mercury News Columnist Mike Cassidy. The story appeared February 19, 1999 on and in the San Jose Mercury News on February 21, 1999 on page 3G of the LIFE section. A few days before was publicized on as that story tripled Internet traffic to the web site. The story was originally scheduled to appear in the Thursday February, 18 edition of the Mercury News, but because the Sunday paper has 70,000 more circulation the date was changed. Circulation of the San Jose Mercury News on Sunday exceeds 340,000. The half page article in the Mercury News is expected to increase Internet traffic to More updates will be posted as they become available. For Full Story
Updated: 01/27/00 09:49 AM PST
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