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Contact information for all members of the Team. From here you can send personal e-mail to our members.

Our Team's Computing Background.
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The Team:

  1. Neilesh Patel:Co-Founder & CEO: (Johns Hopkins)
  2. Daniel Brown: Co-Founder: (U.C. Berkeley)

  3. Andy Woo: Vice President: (Johns Hopkins)
  4. Robert Davies: CFO (Johns Hopkins)
  5. Braphus Kaalund: CIO (Johns Hopkins)
  6. Alessandro Geist: COO (Johns Hopkins)
  7. Ravi Raghavan: CTO: (M.I.T.)

  8. Megan Johnson : V.P. Sales & Services: (U.V.A.)
  9. Tristen Johnson : V.P. Marketing: (Johns Hopkins)

  10. Michael Atkinson: Dir. E-security (Harvard)
  11. Khalid Nadiri : Dir. Investor Relations (Johns Hopkins)
  12. Nat Meyers : Dir. Corporate Communications (Harvard)
  13. Alex Joshi : Dir. Public Relations (Occidental College)

  14. Shaun Guth : Senior Programmer: (Santa Clara U.)
  15. Seth Greenstein : Senior Web Consultant: (UCLA)
  16. Jason Schmickrath : Consultant: (U. of Redlands)
  17. Amie Prichard : Consultant: (UC Irvine)
  18. Hannah Adams : Consultant: (Johns Hopkins)
  19. Eric Wai: Consultant: (USC)
  20. Jonathan Chan: Consultant: (Santa Clara U.)
  21. Lauren Slavik: Consultant: (Johns Hopkins Univ.)


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